I always try to buy apps from dev's websites, because I know the market takes 30% of the proceeds from purchases. Lately I’ve had trouble finding websites for some devs!

I have a surplus of disk space and bandwidth so I want to share it with some of these Android devs. A place where they can make a site without having to fit in the framework of a commercialized ‘free’ site.

What I can offer:

WHY? When I was an internet noob all of my sites were hosted, for free, by kind people on the internetz. I swore that when I got my own server space I'd return the favour. I don't want anything from you, except for you to be a nice person and for you to be able have a payment option other than the market place. I'll consider hosting free apps also.

***Yes, I mean free, as in 'free beer' AND 'free speech'.



1) You must be an ANDROID developer.
1a) I may also consider Windows phone devs.
1b) No Apple devs. If you're further developing an Android app into an iApp, that's cool, as long as you're primarily an ANDROID dev.
2) You must have at least one app published.
3) At least one of your apps must be a quality app that you've spent a significant amount of time developing into something useful for more than a small handful of people.
3a) Quality apps: WidgetLocker, Rom Toolbox, Tasker, Rom Manager, Minimalistic Text Widget, & well made themes for non-stock launchers/ROMS.
3b) Wallpapers/ icons are welcome if you can prove they're YOUR OWN WORK. Yeah, wallpapers & icons aren't code, but artists are important too.
3c) Not quality apps: Toggle widgets, wallpaper packs of stolen images, & things that just make noises or recycle jokes.
4) No XXX/ racist/ sexist/ douchebag apps.
5) No storing or hot-linking things unrelated to your site.
6) Keep your site up to date & active.
7) Don't hack my schiz. I'm being nice here!


^=mandatory fields.
XDA username
^App 1 name
^App 1 URL
Please list your other apps (if any) & URLs to them
^Pre-installed Scripts requested
hover to see available scripts in each category
*=this script is available, but I dont know how to use it.
^Do you know how to use ftp? (it's OK if you dont)
^Do you know html? (it's OK if you dont)
Anything else?
sorry the captcha is all ugly -_-